Our featured material this month is Oregon Shepherd’s Natural Wool Insulation. Most of you know about “the pink stuff”, and have even heard of recycled fiberglass or cellulose insulation. Many of you may not realize that there are also some amazing, cozy, and even healthier products on the market. Here in the Pacific Northwest we’re taught about wearing wool in the winter, for damp weather, while hiking, etc. Wool also makes a great insulation in your home for all the same reasons!

Recently we had a project that presented us with a unique set of challenges as our client has extreme chemical sensitivities. One of the biggest concerns for our client was finding an insulation that would help her to be happy and healthy in her home. All insulation has some downfalls —  some extreme, some mild —  but even mild chemical by-products are too much for this client so we had to think outside the box.

Oregon Shepherd was willing to send a sample for our client to test out. After spending a day with it she gave us the green light! We used their Permaloft Natural Wool Blown-In insulation but they also carry a wool batting as well. Oregon Shepherd’s products are an innovative and superior insulation solution which helps to reduce homeowners carbon footprint and overall energy costs.

Aside from being a great choice for those with chemical sensitivities it also surpasses its synthetic competition in many other areas. Wool is safe to install, recyclable and renewable, naturally fire and pest resistant and it works as a great sound absorber. Most importantly it is a great insulator, when wool fiber is packed together, it forms millions of tiny air pockets which trap air, and in turn serves to keep warmth in during winter and out in the summer. The natural structure of wool allows it to absorb and desorb moisture, preventing condensation (and mold) in your house. Wool can also absorb and break down indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. There are lots of reasons to love this insulation, learn more at oregonshepherd.com or give us a call to assess how it would work in your home.