Living in a city that is surrounded by water and has rain on approximately 150 days per year, it is easy to take water for granted.

This summer, our family has committed to learning more about water, easy tips to conserve and reasons why conserving helps our environment. And of course, we are thrilled to share our new knowledge with you!

Did you know where Seattle’s high-quality water comes from? This summer you can take the family to visit the Cedar River Watershed Education Center near North Bend to enjoy exhibits, tours and beautiful local scenery. Visit the Cedar River Education Center online to learn more!

Going to the car wash used to seem like such a luxury – but it turns out that it is a much more eco-friendly alternative than washing at home. Washing on the street or driveway sends soap and grime into the nearest storm drains, polluting the water and harming wildlife. Instead, enjoy the ease of a commercial car wash, knowing that companies such as Elephant Car Wash reclaim the wash water several times before sending it into the sewer system for treatment.

Another great way to conserve water is when you are doing home renovations and upgrades. Choose Watersense products approved by the FDA – they encourage innovation in manufacturing and are considerably more efficient than standard models. From showerheads to toilets, there are great products to help you save. Plus, don’t forget that you can get rebates by buying new Watersense toilets.

Finally, just one more reason for conserving the wonderful water….salmon! In summer and fall, streams are at their lowest. Your actions to conserve water help protect salmon and other species that live in and around our streams. Visit the Salmon SEEson site to see where you can watch salmon make their annual journey later this summer and fall and look for salmon-safe labeling on food and beverage packaging.