People often ask us what kind of remodeling do we do? Do we do kitchens? Do we ‘do’ bathrooms? Big additions? Little projects?

The answer is that we don’t ‘do’ any of those. Rather we help people live, play, and work better in their home. Whether that is:

  • an aesthetic change because something insults your visual perception,
  • a need to install more efficient appliances to save money and tread lightly on the planet, or
  • reorganizing/increasing square-footage to accommodate life’s big and little changes

Mighty House is there to help you realize the change you need. Sometimes we end up ‘doing’ all the work, other times we refer you onto a specialist and make ourselves available as a project manager or consultant.

If your project will help you live, play, or work better in your home, give us a call… because that is what we ‘do.’