Glorious Kitchens

Build the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Comforting Living Rooms

Give a well loved room the love it deserves.

Bathrooms that Sparkle

Make an everyday room feel luxurious.

Elegant Dining Rooms

Make your room the talk of the table.

Construction Services


Whether you are a heat’n’serve sort of “chef” or cook everything from scratch from the production of your urban farm, a functional kitchen is essential. Size doesn’t matter — from renovating 8’x10’ low-functioning spaces into tiny and mighty power spaces to restructuring an entire floor  to create an integrated living, cooking, dining space we know how to help you build the kitchen you’ve always wanted.


Probably the room you use the least amount of time of all your home’s spaces, yet also takes on some of the highest impact. Having great storage solutions and finishes and system solutions to withstand and mitigate the intensity of moisture in your bathrooms is essential for longevity.


Basements are the new black. Finishing out basements into rooms to enjoy and use continues to be high on many homeowner’s lists. From partial- and fully-refinished spaces to rentable auxiliary dwelling units (ADUs) we can help you find new life in these underutilized spaces.


Second Story Additions

If you have caught yourself saying, “I bet we have a view of Mt. Rainier from our roof,” you have likely caught the bug to add a 2nd floor to your home. Capturing views to our area’s natural beauties while adding space so many people so desperately need, 2nd floor additions can really do the trick. Sometimes the undertaking seems daunting, but with the right team of designers and builders it can be substantially less so.


Decks are a fantastic way to maximize summer life in the NW! We build everything from backyard porches to decks large enough to celebrate life’s milestones!

Living Spaces

Sometimes the easiest way to gain “new” space is to revise how the existing space is used. Moving walking patterns, adding built-ins, adding more space to one room by reducing the size of another, or even simply refinishing/replacing floors and giving the space a surface facelift can really revolutionize how you feel or use a room.

Backyard Cottages + DADUs
Building a backyard cottage or DADU (Detached Auxiliary Dwelling Unit) is another way of increasing the number of people temporarily or permanently living on your property. From converting underutilized garages to building ground up, we can help you realize the your expansion project.

Maybe you’ve just moved into a new house and you need a smattering of miscellaneous items completed to start to feel like it is really your home. While we are really bad at scheduling projects that take less than a week, sometimes those miscellaneous items can add up to a full week (or more) of labor that we can easily fit in-between projects.


Mighty House offers professional construction consulting to help turn your do-it-yourself jobs into sustainable, cost-effective projects from the ground up. With 20 years of industry experience, Mighty House can effectively translate your creative vision into an eco-friendly reality.   It can be difficult to translate your dream vision into a tangible, realistic project. Our team will use their creative and practical skills to come up with innovative, sustainable solutions to shift how you live, play, and grow in your home.


Initial Contact

BDG KitchenWe’ll begin by having a short phone conversation to hear your ideas and get a sense of where you are in your process, your ideal timeline, budgetary constraints, etc. This information helps to inform whether we are the right fit for your project before scheduling a time to meet in person. If everything seems like a good fit, the next step is scheduling a time to meet at your home – this will give us a bit more thorough understanding of the desired project and enable us to give you a general idea of the range of costs associated with your project. If there is a need for an architect or designer, this is when we will make some recommendations (if not sooner).

Throughout the Process

Our process allows us to know as much as we possibly can about your project before we start work so that we can be as efficient and cost-effective as possible! Knowing detailed parameters of the project up-front. From specific structural brackets and window locations/sizes to cabinetry style and finish, and even knob selection, having all the information before we start helps us make the right decisions the first time and reduce wasted time or materials.

Project Development

If we are still interested in working with one another after our site visit, we will then work with you under our Project Development Agreement on a retainer basis. It is at this stage that we develop super-specific pricing for your super-specific project. Before asking you to sign a contract, we will diligently work to find the sweet spot between your needs, wants, and budget and maximize a healthy indoor environment for you and your family. Utilizing your drawings and specifications, we will collaborate with our suppliers, trades partners, and the design team to determine a more exact price for your project; the outcome will be a fixed bid contractable scope of work from which we can set a plan and schedule the work.

Contract + Scheduling

At the completion of the project development phase, we have a scope of work that we can sign a contract to perform. We will ask for deposits to solidify the contract and enable us to make advance purchases of some of the scheduled critical materials with extended lead times. With those items procured, we will then set your project schedule and continue mobilization towards that start date.

Construction Begins

Here’s where you are assigned field carpenter steps in with Doug and Laura’s oversight. Using our cloud-and app-based project management tool, we will communicate all your project’s nuances to you and our entire team, track the schedule and finances, keep all communications in one place, and manage decision points. Depending on the complexity of your project, we may pre-schedule regular team meetings with you and the design team. Smaller projects can often be accounted for during ad-hoc meetings or in a virtual format (video or message center). Our work doesn’t end with the final payment, rather we will check back with you around 9-months from completion to check on any potential warranty items.

And then, of course, we hope our relationship doesn’t end there either!

Public Speaking

Need a speaker for your community group? Laura delivers presentations on sustainable building and heating solutions, green living, and other related topics while Doug offers more how-to and hands-on workshops. Let us know if we can bring our expertise in sustainable building to your group.