As the summer sun beats down on our lawns and gardens, there is a choice to make….to water or not to water? Of course if you are growing veggies and fruits, the decision is clear….but watering grass and other perennials sometimes feels wasteful.

A cistern is a great way to make the choice easier. Cisterns capture rainwater from your roof and save it in an outdoor container, allowing you to tap into that water well into the summer, saving you money on your water bill.

Money isn’t the only thing you will save by using a cistern. Rain runoff is one of the biggest polluters of Puget Sound – rainwater comes from roofs and other surfaces, picks up oil, pesticides and other toxins on the street, and runs straight into the sound via the sewer system.

Happy Pocketbook + Happy Salmon = Happy Living

Capturing the rainwater either in a cistern or through the use of a rain garden filters the water before allowing it to slowly incorporate into the ecosystem – helping manage and filter toxins and beautifying our land. And Seattle’s Rainwise Program is still offering rebates of up to 100% (in qualifying regions) of the cost of installing a rain garden or cistern, depending upon how many square feet of water runoff is controlled by the project. Check it out to see if you qualify!

Mighty House’s Top 5 Tips for Reducing Outdoor Water Consumption in Summer

  1. Reduce the amount of lawn in your yard, let your lawn go dormant, or plant trees to shade your lawn
  2. Utilize native plants in your landscape design and consider installing functional raingardens to filter water runoff from the house and beautify your space
  3. Install and use a cistern
  4. Invest in a watering system that strategically waters plants – reducing the number of times you accidentally leave the sprinkler running for too long and allowing you to water during optimally cool times of day, even if you aren’t at home
  5. Use mulch to hold moisture and reduce the need for watering