Has Spring sent you into de-clutter mode? Remember, your trash might be someone else’s treasure. Here are some ideas for reducing that clutter while still keeping trash out of landfills.

Your old clothes, vintage toys, and jewelry probably have some value on ebay. Items like these, which are fairly easy to ship, do well in front of the national audience that ebay provides. Remember to use descriptive key words in your posting (brand, size, color, measurements), and provide several well-lit pictures to make your items look attractive and make you look professional and legitimate.

Furniture items, sporting equipment and building supplies are great on Craigslist because people want to see the items and try them out before buying. That skateboard you are too old and sore to ride could be the new treasured possession of the kid down the block and that is an awesome thing.

If you aren’t comfortable with the money exchange aspect of ebay, and you don’t want to meet anyone in person, you can try Listia, where you earn and exchange credits by sending your used items to new homes. We’ve never tried it, but we are intrigued, so let us know what you think if you test it out.

If you don’t think your discarded items have any value, and you are too embarrassed to take them to Goodwill, you might still try the “free section” on Craigslist. It is amazing how quickly “free items” can be claimed – we’ve gotten rid of small amounts of paint leftovers and packing materials this way – both of which could have easily been thrown into the garbage instead.

Cheers to clutter-free living!