SPU Rebates on Water-Saving Toilets

SPU Rebates on Water-Saving Toilets

Did you know that the biggest water-user in most homes is the toilet? Seattle Public Utilities is offering $100 rebates for homeowners and property managers who replace their toilet with a Premium Toilet that uses 1.1 gallons per flush or less. There are also free toilets available for income qualified applicants! Check out the list of eligible toilets and rebate applications here.

Here are some FAQ’s from SPU:

Q: Will I need to flush twice if i replace my old toilet with a new, Premium 1.1 gpf (or less) toilet?

A: No. New water-efficient toilets work better than older toilets. 98% of survey participants who replaced their toilets with Premium 1.1 gpf (or less) toilets say the new toilets work better than their old ones.

Q: What else can I do to reduce my water use?

A: Find and fix leaks or report them to your property manager. A leaking (running) toilet can waste 200 gallons or more every day.