Cool Wool Facts!!  Wool Carpet – The Natural Air Conditioner

Cool Wool Facts!! Wool Carpet – The Natural Air Conditioner

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We’re not suggesting you scrap the central air (or we might, though that is a different article). Another way to cut your energy use dramatically and simply is by installing pure, natural, wool carpeting. True our first flooring suggestion is for hard surfaces, though when carpet is queen, wool is an incredible insulator from cold as well as a natural air conditioner – really! Wool has an ability unlike any other natural or man-made fiber to absorb moisture from the air — absorbing up to 30% of its weight in water without even feeling damp. Absorbing moisture during periods of high-humidity and releasing it when conditions are dry helps keep the indoors comfortable any time of year, naturally.

Many carpets, even those made with recycled fibers, claim low toxicity though most are highly processed and are highly likely to off-gas in your home for years to come. Wool carpets don’t need the chemicals and processing to be fabulous. Just like with foods, stick with whole “ingredients” and you can’t go wrong.

Some of our favorite suppliers for wool carpets include Major Brands Floors, Greenhome Solutions, and Entero Design.

Mighty House challenge: take your commitment up a notch and insulate your home – or at least bedroom walls – with wool insulation. Contact us to learn more!

Image from Major Brands Floors