(Republished from NW Natural Lighting’s Blog by Dawn McMillion.)

“This year at the Green Home Tour the Solatubes from NW Natural Lighting really “stole the show” at the Mighty House. They were perfectly placed in 2 windowless baths and a hallway. We were also able to show off our new glass lenses, so there was something for everyone; modern tiered soft look with the Tier Drop in the hall and a bit o’ sparkle with the Optiview in the bath. Then we placed the standard Vusion Lens in the Master Bath.

I couldn’t help but grin when I heard over and over from visitors to the home, “I had no idea Solatubes gave off this much light….you mean an electric light is NOT on?…..”

A thank you goes out to Laura and Doug for their collaborative and educational ideas and a cool house full of truly recycled and green options (from furniture to cabinets to a new Solar System by Solar Epiphany)! Talk to Eric from this company if you want to go solar. He’s a wealth of practical, super cost-effective info.

I always learn a lot at this event! Can’t wait for next year….”