A Note from  Solar Epiphany:

“Solar prices hit rock bottom! In 2005, when Solar Epiphany was just a sparkle in my eye, a 200 Watt solar panel would run you $850-$900. This left solar for the elite only. I am very happy to say that today solar is accessible to everyone. A standard 240 Watt panel goes for around $200. If budget was your barrier, the flood gates are now open!

You have only 16 months until the installed cost of solar goes up 9.5%. Reason: right now your entire installation is sales tax exempt. This incentive ends June 2013. Don’t joke around…Go Solar!!”

And don’t forget that Solar Epiphany will be holding a LIVE Solar Installation Demo at one of our sites (W#03) during day one of the Seattle Green Home Tour, Saturday, April 22, 10am-2pm.

[Photo credits go out to Solar Epiphany]