When most people initiate a remodeling job, they have spent a fair amount of time considering the balance between wants and needs and how much return on their investment they will get back out of the remodel when they go to sell.

Many realtors will tell you that modest kitchen and bathroom remodels offer the best return on investment – offering you an opportunity to live more comfortably in your home while increasing the resale value.

However, you do not need to take on a full kitchen or bathroom remodel to make your home more inviting both now and down the road, as this article about curb appeal from houzz shows. Adding a pop of color to the front door and getting cracks in the driveway repaired go a long way toward making your home look happy and cared for.

Caveat: This article uses SPECTACULAR homes in its pictures, making the small changes seem a bit silly in relation to how cool the homes are in spite of this one feature. However, the messages still hold true and these are good things to consider to add sizzle to your curb appeal. Contact us to discuss what solutions might be best for your home.