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Canning has once again become “trend-right” and new generations of canners are flocking to the stores in search of books on canning, pickling and preserving the bounty of summer and beyond. And it is no wonder – home-canned food tastes lightyears better than the highly-processed grocery store canned items.

This great article from NPR reads more like the promo for some “extreme” home canning show, highlighting the canning practices of some residents of the Alaskan Wilderness. From salmon to sea kelp, mushrooms to berries, these Alaskans pack away countless jars of food to last throughout the year.

If you’ve been thinking about giving canning a try, consider taking a class from Seattle TilthPCC or Seattle Can Can. Or you could just check out a library book and buy some of our region’s amazing summer fruits direct from the farm at our fabulous farmers markets and give it a try! Let us know how it goes!