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Our clients were living in a very small home and decided to convert their existing garage into a detached auxiliary dwelling unit (DADU) to be able to house guests,
also to simply Get. More. Space. 

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Each aspect of this project was carefully considered to optimize use of the space and sustainability.  Join us on Saturday April 30th to check out some of these special features:

  • Multi-use Space – the DADU can be used for anything from an art studio or expandable party space, to guest quarters or a quiet place to escape to for cat naps. Every design choice was made with an uber flexible space in mind.
  • Energy efficiency – this project is fully powered by electricity and thus can tread more lightly on the planet than homes that use gas or oil. Installing dimmers for 95% of the house and using low-energy CFL and LED lighting makes the DADU even more efficient.
  • Can you say salvagey? Windows, light fixtures, and the heater were all salvaged or reused from other projects. This was a great way to minimize resource consumption and breathe new life into old materials.
  • Daylight Creativity – by including skylights, Solatubes, and a huge entry door, we were able to maximize the natural light entering an otherwise dimly lit room. Taking advantage of daylight also reduced the amount of mechanical illumination needed for the space.

Are you thinking about a backyard cottage or guest house?
Come see this amazing DADU in Columbia City! Located at 4454 South Brandon Street, Seattle, WA 98118

Our site (and other S/SW sites): April 30, 11-5pm

North-end sites: May 1, 11-5pm

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