Our current building boom in Seattle means a lot of old homes are being torn down. And there are lots of useable materials from these old homes that don’t always get put to best use. In fact, construction waste accounts for one-third of Seattle’s landfill total. Our friends at Dedicated Deconstruction are hard at work trying to change that. They make sure quality lumber, flooring, tile, and fixtures don’t go to waste. Every year the crew diverts about 20,000 tons of material from landfills!

Noel Strout and his crew are brought in on construction jobs by contractors concerned with minimizing job site waste. They then asses the site and salvage everything that’s useable, including lumber, fixtures, appliances, tile, and bricks. These salvaged materials can then be used on the next project or donated to salvage resellers. This process is a fantastic way to minimize the impact our remodel jobs have on the planet.

“You’d be hard-pressed to see someone throw away a truckload of gas, but they’ll throw away a truckload of gas’s worth of material without thinking twice” – Noel Strout, Owner

At Mighty House, we are proud salvage and donate/reuse as much material as we can on each project. Dedicated Deconstruction has been a great partner on our past projects and we look forward to continued work with them and other environmentally minded crews!Read the full Seattle Magazine article here.