Sometimes when you buy salvaged building materials, you are lucky enough to be part of a story of those materials… where they came from, why they were relinquished, who made it originally, etc. etc. A [Little] Mighty House’s kitchen (that owned by co-founders, Doug and Laura Elfline) was recently featured in The RE Store’s blog, A Piece of History Gets a New Life, to tell such a story.

Clearly reusing building materials has a ton of obvious benefits – from keeping good materials out of the landfill to sometimes offsetting the originator’s costs or giving the purchaser something truly unique.

The impact salvaged materials has on the individual history of those involved. For us, finding this cabinets at the RE Store created the opportunity to undertake a kitchen remodel and master bath remodel when we first moved into the house. Living with the remodeled spaces has made a huge impact not only on how we live in our home, but also on our livelihood. Our salvaged cabinets are unique in and of themselves, allowed for creative solutions around them, were less expensive than new, BUT are also an educational feature we can showcase to our friends, family, and through our business.

Read more about the house where the cabinets came from and the project on the RE Store’s blog.