rooftop deck

Our clients, Audrey and Dave, had a flat roof covered in tar and were looking to beautifully maximize their 360 degree view atop Magnolia while also being functional and eco-friendly.

A rooftop deck is much more susceptible to sun and stress than typical backyard decks partly because there is no house and fewer trees to block rays during some daytime hours. The roof needed to be able to withstand intense sun and weather conditions all year long, all while maintaining its beauty and stability. Audrey and Dave were also looking for a way to clean under the deck, so that leaves and dirt wouldn’t begin to collect weight and moisture.

A parquet-style deck made of a medium-weight ironwood was the best solution. Parquet-style tiles can each be removed to allow for cleaning underneath the deck. Although the ironwood has to be brought in from overseas, there are no Northwest bugs or mold that can eat or destroy it, nor will it split or break-down in extreme weather the way cedar would, making it a wonderful solution that will last a very, very long time. The result is a beautiful, durable rooftop deck that increases Audrey and Dave’s living space with fairly low environmental impact.

deck with planters and bech