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Doug Elfline

Doug Elfline, Co-Founder

Doug spent summers during his school and college years apprenticing with his father’s Colorado-based plumbing company. He went on to earn a degree in interior design from the Colorado Art Institute. After graduating in 1993, he moved to the Pacific Northwest, teaming up with general contractor David Kvamme.

Now after over 30 years in the building industry, Doug has a full grasp of all aspects of the building process and a depth of knowledge that allows him to hold plumbing, electrical, and other subcontractors to the highest quality standards. Just as he strives for quality in every aspect of a building project, Doug is constantly looking for ways to cut homeowner costs by repurposing materials and making the most of each hour on the job site. In conjunction with his interior design background, Doug has an uncommon ability to envision and troubleshoot projects before they are built, saving his clients time and money. He has a well-earned reputation for his high level of carpentry expertise, craftsmanship, trustworthiness, and knowledge in green and sustainability solutions

Laura Elfline new

Laura Elfline, Co-Founder

A Pacific Northwest native who has spent most of her life in the Greater Seattle area, Laura has over 25 years of experience in business, project management, and marketing. While Laura doesn’t weld a hammer, her adeptness in orchestrating the backend of both the business and projects is essential – ensuring projects proceed smoothly and that communication is clear. Passionate about protecting the spectacular Pacific Northwest environment she grew up in, Laura is constantly seeking proven methods that contribute to healthy and sustainable building [and life] practices to integrate into their work.


Lottie, Doug’s Truck Co-Pilot


Ziggy, Laura’s Office Mate

“Thank you Laura + Doug! The doors and windows are looking, sounding, and feeling good! We look forward to our next project.”

– J + S