If the numbers of calls we’ve been receiving is any indication of the health of our region’s economy, then we’d say it’s hot!

While some of the calls are about smaller projects (decks, kitchens, baths and other modest modifications) we’ve also had a number of larger remodels come to our attention… which is a really good sign that the market is moving forward again.

Happy CPW clients! Photo courtesy of communitypower works.org

What is interesting to us is how the forward momentum feels different in comparison to the frenzy of flipping in 2005. People seem to be making more thoughtful changes, and are being more introspective about the work they are choosing to do….maybe because the changes are for their own family and not for a flip or maybe because resources were more limited. Whatever the reason, thoughtfulness is good when considering more upgrades. The more thoughtful and forward-thinking you can do, the better and more long-lasting your changes will be.

Speaking of long-term upgrades, the Community Power Works program has been extended! This means that you have a little bit more time to take advantage of the reduced-price energy audit and instant rebates on energy-reducing upgrades.

The new deadline for all work bids to be signed is August 1st, so don’t delay – it can take at least a few weeks to go through the audit and bid processes. Your first step is to apply for the program and set up your audit with an independent auditor – contact us if you’d like a recommendation.

For more information about the program, check out this past article.