In celebration of each Mighty House anniversary we make a donation to an outstanding non-profit in the area. We like to give back to this community which has given so much to us.  There are so many organizations doing such great work it makes it very difficult to choose. In celebration of our 6th year in business we have chosen to donate to Homestead Community Land Trust.

Homestead’s mission is to empower individuals, stabilize families, and strengthen neighborhoods by creating and preserving affordable home ownership opportunities for low to modest-income homebuyers in the Seattle area. Through this program individuals and families are able to achieve homeownership and stay in their community – ever increasingly areas they may have otherwise been forced to leave due to rent increases. Homeownership helps to increase financial stability for these families because their resources are no longer tied up in commuting, paying high rent, or relocating frequently. And unlike the traditional housing market, homes purchased through Homestead remain affordable for every new buyer even when the previous owner decides to sell. Each dollar spent on a Homestead home is a lifetime investment towards sustainable homeownership and community stability. What is not to love about that! Learn more here.