Many homeowner love their lawn – even just a little patch of lawn. It is tough in the PNW to keeping a lush, full, and healthy green lawn. This summer try these effective and easy-to-make homemade lawn fertilizers! From coffee grounds to molasses and much more!

* Pro Tip: if you want the look of grass but with less hassle and encourage positivity in the environment, plant clover instead. Even Bob Villa agrees!

Coffee Grounds
Mix half a pound of coffee grounds with 5 gallons of water and spray your lawn with it. Sprinkle the coffee grounds on the lawn and rake into the soil. It is one of the best Homemade Lawn Fertilizers.

Epsom Salt & Ammonia
Mix one cup each of Epsom salt and ammonia in a bottle. Add two-three tablespoons of this mixture in a watering can and spread it over 200 square feet of grass. Alternatively, you can mix it with equal parts water to make a liquid fertilizer for covering your entire lawn.

Compost Tea
Take a clean 5-gallon bucket and fill it with 4 gallons of chlorine-free water. You can use a well or rainwater too. Add one cup of compost per gallon of water in a fine mesh bag or pantyhose. Tie the bag, put it in a bucket, and squeeze it to infiltrate the water. Brew the compost tea for 24-36 hours, and stir and rearrange the bubbler a couple of times every day. During the hours of completing the brew, apply the tea with a pump sprayer, and reapply the fertilizer every two to four weeks in the early morning during the growing season.

Epsom Salt & Molasses
Mix Epsom salt and molasses in a 1:2 ratio. Let the components dissolve and then dilute them in 5 gallons of water. Spray this solution on the lawn and repeat in 2-3 months.