Summer is here and before you jump into that long list of home renovations and updates, be sure to think about who you will hire to do the work. Many people prefer money-saving options of handling home repairs themselves or hiring unlicensed contractors. But when it comes to home enhancements, the cheapest routes are not always the safest routes and can end up costing your much more in the long run.

Here are just a couple of reason why you should hire a licensed contractor for all of your home maintenance and project needs:

A licensed contractor offers insurance.

Home remodeling is a risky occupation – ladders, saws, drills, nail guns… lots of opportunities for injury. If that person is a licensed contractor, by WA State law, that also means they are required to pay into worker’s comp (owners can waive it, but then take on the liability for themselves) – meaning the contractor’s license covers the injury. Unlicensed contractors, on the other hand, can bill (or even pursue legal action) homeowners for the injury stating unsafe conditions.

Additionally, all licensed contractors are required to have active liability insurance and bond to cover the unthinkable. Unlicensed contractors are quite often uninsured.

Of course, licensed contractors often cost more, because, well, we have more costs to run a fully legitimate business. While we don’t advocate hiring an unlicensed contractor, we do recognize that a risk assessment of an injury or damage occurring with a piece of work, may pencil out in some situations. Anyone can verify a contractor’s status.

A licensed contractor ensure that building codes are followed and met. 

Licensed contractors are often more experienced in how meet all requirements set by the appropriate zoning jurisdictions. They will schedule inspections to verify their and their partners’ is of quality craftsmanship and passes applicable inspections.

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