One of the keys to sustainability is great design. When things are designed and built well, we hold onto them, use them, pass them down through the generations, and repair them when they need it rather than throwing them away. And when they are designed to be beautiful as well, it makes it so much easier.

Mighty House Construction is getting a chance to flex their design muscles this summer, as consultants and assistants on the building of pop-up furniture designed by LMN Architexts and other design professionals for the Seattle Design Festival’s Festival Block Party, September 6-7 at Occidental Park. The design festival is a program of the AIA Seattle and our project, being utilitarian, is being considered for a more permanent site.

Doug and Laura are no strangers to design. Did you know that Laura has a background in art and Doug studied interior design? They are honored to have been asked to participate and are looking forward to the fun results.

Click here to see more photos of the furniture-building process.