You have the opportunity to make a difference to our local community when you gift local!

What is gifting local? Why, shopping for gifts at those sweet neighborhood boutiques, shops and art shows, of course.

Why gift local?
We can give you lots of reasons, but here are just a few:
1. Every dollar spent at a local independent business generates three times more income, wealth, and jobs than a dollar spent at a national chain. Money made here stays here!

2. Local independent businesses give our city its unique personality and its vibrancy, making this an incredible and interesting place to live. By supporting local businesses you are supporting local artists, crafters, bakers and creators.

3. A healthy, locally owned economy is resilient! And a resilient economy creates meaningful jobs and a more secure future.

4. Because we believe that when our friends and neighbors do well, we’re all better off.

5. Relationships Matter! There is no greater joy that purchasing a local product from a company that hand-chose that item or even created it themselves. True holiday sparkle.

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