We hope that the fall season has been treating you well. The early part of this season was filled with clients looking to capitalize on the final weeks of the Community Power Works Program, v 1.0 (v 2.O is underway!) We helped several families batten down the hatches for winter with new insulation, new or refurbished windows, and new heating options- saving energy and money.

More recently, our focus shifted to kitchens – From uplifting a 1960’s kitchen to updating the kitchen in a wonderful craftsman style home, and totally reinventing the kitchen in an amazing view home in View Ridge. While all of our projects have an element of fun that comes from making something new for our clients or updating something that has been worn out, our projects are made even more fun when we get to pass forward our knowledge of sustainable building. Helping our clients make choices that meet their needs, are beautiful, functional, and are healthy for them and the planet is the sweet spot of our business.

When we see articles like this from the Seattle Times, it simultaneously deflates us that sustainable choices are not the forefront of the building conversation AND invigorates us to work harder to get them there. We are pleased that our clients are choosing solutions that are more sustainable (and are the way of the future). The super great news is that the real estate market is already showing this in Seattle. Real estate agents we know report that even back a couple of years ago when the market was tough for sellers, beautiful, eco-friendly, healthy and efficient upgrades created a lot of interest and sold quickly for top dollar.

It is never too early to begin thinking about renovating your kitchen for the 2014 holiday season. The kitchen probably has the most decision points of any other room (see our article about this topic). Call us if we can answer questions about getting started.