If you are like us, spring brings a desire for simplicity and a reduction in clutter. We have been hard at work and have a collection of “good stuff” to sell off in the West Seattle Garage Sale (May 11) and are looking for other ways to reduce as well.

This article from the Daily Green gave us some great ideas. It offers tips for reducing clutter in your closets, on your bookshelfs (and nightstands and coffee tables) and in your drawer of computer “stuff.”

First and foremost to reducing clutter AND helping the planet is to reduce your consumption from the get go. By lessening the amount of *things* that come into your home, you will have less to organize and tread more lightly on the planet. The article specifically calls out paper as a main contributor of clutter. They suggest going electronic with paperless billing, downloading apps instead of subscribing to paper magazines and newspapers, and opting out of junk mail and phone book delivery.

The City of Seattle is sponsoring the Catalog Choice program, designed to help residents reduce unwanted junk mail and phone books. The average Seattle resident gets over 100lbs. of junk mail per year. Save time sorting through paperwork and have more time to do the things you enjoy!