Emergency_PreparednessPreparing your family for an emergency is a vital part of living in a happy and worry-free home. Many of us know that keeping clean water and food on hand is important, but what kind of food and for how many days? PCC’s April edition of Sound Consumer recommended storing enough food to last your family three days in case of emergency. PCC suggested:
  • Look for protein-rich foods that have a long shelf life like tuna, peanut butter, or protein bars
  • Canned beans and soup can be eaten without heating
  • Avoid salty food that will make you thirsty
  • Canned fruits provide calories and hydration
  • A propane camping stove will give you the option of boiling water and heating food
  • Store food in a cool, dark place and asses your kit for expiration every six months
Learn more and see a sample food kit by reading the full article.