FACT: Microwave ovens use half the energy of a standard electric oven to cook the same item. Toaster ovens and crockpots are also substantially more efficient than standard electric ovens.

FACT: Microwave heat waves focus on the food inside the microwave. By keeping your microwave clean, you will keep the focus of the heat on the item you are warming, and not residue of meals past.

As summer winds down and BBQ’s get used less frequently, Seattle City Light is hosting a “Cookin’ With Kilowatts” contest.  Contestants are encouraged to recreate oven recipes using a cooking method that uses less energy than an oven – such as a toaster oven, microwave or crock pot – and we can’t wait to see what the contestants come up with!

Each customer who submits a recipe will receive a token of appreciation and the winning recipe will be featured in City Light publications. Recipes MUST BE SUBMITTED BY SEPTEMBER 17 to be considered, so don’t wait!

One of our favorite crock pot recipes is Sweet Potato Chili—- although we always add corn, double the sweet potatoes, and offer sour cream and cheese as optional toppings. Let us know what your favorite is!