The cold and wet has [intermittently] arrived! Before temperatures drop too low, take some time to batten down the hatches inside and outside to help keep you and your family safe and cosy this winter.

    • SAFELY help clear your local storm drain of leaves and other debris by raking from the sidewalk and depositing them in your food and yard waste container.
      • If the drain remains clogged, call Seattle Public Utilitiesat 206-386-1800.
      • Keep water from building up and potentially causing damage by removing fall leaves from your gutters.
    • Check for missing or cracked caulking around doorways and windows. Sealing those cracks can save you a bundle on heating costs and help you feel more cozy.
    • Build a family emergency kit and have disaster plan in place. Make sure to have enough food, water and supplies on hand to last for 3 days (including pet food if necessary). Also include a flashlight, candles, crank or battery-operated radio and blankets. NEVER ever use a BBQ or campstove indoors!
    • Create a vehicle emergency kit with tire chains, water, basic tools, blankets, and comfortable shoes and outerwear for each member of the family.
    • Stay safe and avoid actively flooding basements. You can deal with the problem once the flooding subsides.
    • Protect exposed water pipes from freezing by wrapping with insulation, and in severe weather, open cabinets to expose under sink water lines to the heat of the home.
    • If you haven’t turned your heater on for the year, do so now to make sure that it is in good working condition before it gets super cold.
    • If you plan to use a fireplace, make sure it is in clean, good working condition.

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