Not all bamboo is created equal. Bamboo is a super sustainable product in that it grows fast and replenishes easily. There are a wide array of bamboo flooring products to install in your home.

There are two features you want to consider when looking at bamboo flooring. One is the thickness of the actual wood sruface. The thicker the bamboo surface is, the more refinishes (or future owners) will be able to complete and the more life you’ll get out of your bamboo flooring. The second feature to consider is the finish. That is a little harder to assess from a non-professional perspective.

A rule of thumb could be that the more expensive the bamboo, the better the finish, the thicker it is, and so forth… but as consumers we know that isn’t always the case. Some companies will promote products as superior and, alas, they aren’t. Talking to professionals and researching before you buy will really help you select the right product for the long haul.

A question we often get about bamboo and other hardwood floors is about the cost of installed click-together (often referred to as “prego” flooring no matter what the product is made from) over nailed down. In actuality, the price is pretty comparable. The material cost of click-together flooring is usually more expensive than the nail-down version. However, click-together flooring is installed more quickly, so the labor cost is less. It really comes down to the conditions of where the floor is being installed and which product has the look you desire.

Let us know how we may help you better understand your choices regarding bamboo (and other) flooring.