Every second Thursday Doug and Laura organize an Ask an Expert for the DIYer event at the West Seattle Tool Library. The venue provides the perfect opportunity for our community of DIYers to get together and share their stories of challenge and success, while drawing on local coaches in fields such as solar power, green building and design, sustainable living, and urban gardening. These DIY coaches are willing to answer any question you may have on your current projects, future plans, or anything else you’d like to discuss. Ask an Expert goes from 6-8pm so come join us on the upcoming dates: Feb 9th and March 8th at the West Seattle Tool Library located at 4408 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106. Everyone is welcome to attend, and it’s totally FREE!

The West Seattle Tool Library hosts an extensive library of tools and a workshop accessible to all. They empower people to take change into their own hands through extensive scholarship possibilities and access to volunteer-organized forums for professionals and amateur builders alike (like the Ask an Expert event) to come together and share ideas and projects. The West Seattle Tool Library and all its activities are open to individuals in and outside the West Seattle neighborhood.

If you have a project that you’d like to tackle and want more intensive or private consultations, Mighty House is set to help you make your vision a reality. We can help you save time and money and a lot of headache by consulting with you through the process of your DIY home improvement project.