Earth Day is officially April 22. It is a day for the masses to reflect on the health of our planet and take action to help improve its health – kinda like many do for our individual health as New Year’s resolutions.
At Mighty House, we aim to consider the impact on the planet every day. We ask questions like: What resources are we using in our office and field operations? How can we reasonably do ‘x’ better? Do we have to build using ‘y’ method/material/solution, or is there a better way that leads to a lighter footprint on the planet without sacrificing the desired quality, longevity, occupant health, budget, or aesthetic?
It’s really no different than how many people think of our own individual health – if I do/don’t eat this or do/don’t participate in that activity or use a product – will I get the result I am looking for? Sometimes we choose the ‘better’ action, and sometimes we choose to ‘Eat the Cake!’ Continuously and consciously asking the questions and researching the options are some of the most sustainable ‘things’ you can do. Doing everything “perfectly” all of the time is impractical. The sweet spot is the knowledge of when you are and when you aren’t so that you choose each circumstance.
Join us in making every day, Earth Day. Contact us to learn how to build better at your home.