The 20/20 Home Refit Challenge is a joint project of Built GreenHome Performance Washington and the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild.  The project strives to save 20% of the energy used in 20,000 Puget Sound homes by 2020.

According to the 20/20 Home Refit Challenge, homeowners will benefit from upgrading home energy efficiency and interior comfort by:

  • Enhancing Home Value – Improving home performance can reduce maintenance costs, improve durability and make your home more attractive to future buyers.
  • Increased Comfort and Health – Home performance improvements can lead to cleaner indoor air, consistent heating and cooling and reduction of moisture-related mold problems.
  • Lower Energy Bills – Insulation, caulking and other affordable efficiency upgrades can reduce energy waste in most homes.
  • A Cleaner Environment – Using energy more efficiently is a cost-effective way to keep the environment clean.

Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union is also a partner in the 20/20 Home Refit Challenge.