Space Saver or Just Plain Weird?

Space Saver or Just Plain Weird?

Amazing creativity is what keeps the movement of efficiency and resiliency alive! But sometimes, just sometimes, innovation can be too weird for the masses. Take this integrated toilet and washing machine for example (read the full article from Treehugger).

We get it. We totally get it. But we keep trying to imagine this toilet/washing machine combo in one of the bathrooms we’ve recently renovated…

What do you think?

TONIGHT: Mighty House Co-Hosting NBIS Eco-Hour

As a member of NBIS (Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability), we were asked to co-host their June Eco-Hour with The RE Store – June, 28, 5-7:30pm, 1440 NW 52nd Street, Seattle, WA 98107. Register for the event with our promo code, mtyhouse, to get a “Mighty House community” discounted rate.

NBIS is a not-for-profit that provides Businesses and Professionals who are serious about Profitable Sustainability with the connections, skills, tools, programs, and resources that are vital for success in the Green Economy. Their Eco-Hour is an opportunity to learn about something new and network with others interested in sustainable ventures.

The Greater Impacts of Salvaged:  A Piece of History Gets a New Life

The Greater Impacts of Salvaged: A Piece of History Gets a New Life

Sometimes when you buy salvaged building materials, you are lucky enough to be part of a story of those materials… where they came from, why they were relinquished, who made it originally, etc. etc. A [Little] Mighty House’s kitchen (that owned by co-founders, Doug and Laura Elfline) was recently featured in The RE Store’s blog, A Piece of History Gets a New Life, to tell such a story.

Clearly reusing building materials has a ton of obvious benefits – from keeping good materials out of the landfill to sometimes offsetting the originator’s costs or giving the purchaser something truly unique.

The impact salvaged materials has on the individual history of those involved. For us, finding this cabinets at the RE Store created the opportunity to undertake a kitchen remodel and master bath remodel when we first moved into the house. Living with the remodeled spaces has made a huge impact not only on how we live in our home, but also on our livelihood. Our salvaged cabinets are unique in and of themselves, allowed for creative solutions around them, were less expensive than new, BUT are also an educational feature we can showcase to our friends, family, and through our business.

Read more about the house where the cabinets came from and the project on the RE Store’s blog.

Solatube at the 2012 Green Home Tour

(Republished from NW Natural Lighting’s Blog by Dawn McMillion.)

“This year at the Green Home Tour the Solatubes from NW Natural Lighting really “stole the show” at the Mighty House. They were perfectly placed in 2 windowless baths and a hallway. We were also able to show off our new glass lenses, so there was something for everyone; modern tiered soft look with the Tier Drop in the hall and a bit o’ sparkle with the Optiview in the bath. Then we placed the standard Vusion Lens in the Master Bath.

I couldn’t help but grin when I heard over and over from visitors to the home, “I had no idea Solatubes gave off this much light….you mean an electric light is NOT on?…..”

A thank you goes out to Laura and Doug for their collaborative and educational ideas and a cool house full of truly recycled and green options (from furniture to cabinets to a new Solar System by Solar Epiphany)! Talk to Eric from this company if you want to go solar. He’s a wealth of practical, super cost-effective info.

I always learn a lot at this event! Can’t wait for next year….”

Bicycle Sundays! Along the Lake

Bicycle Sundays! Along the Lake

Bicycle Sundays is a fantastic partnership between Seattle Parks & Rec, Cascade Bicycle Club, Summer Streets, and Climate Action NOW. It is a randomly-reoccurring Sunday event during the summer where the city shuts down Lake Washington Blvd between Seward Park and Mount Baker Beach. Closing the road allows individuals and families to experience the waterfront differently – more in a boulevard sort of way. It also creates an opportunity to get out and try new wheels (whether on a bike, skateboard, roller blades, scooter or whether your young or old) without the confines of a trail or fear of traffic in the roadway.

Get out! Tool ’round the lakefront. Then jump in for a swim. We did!