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Saturday May 12, 2018 | RSVP FOR TICKETS

Power Tools 101

Join Second Use on Saturday May 12 for a free Power Tools 101 Workshop from 11-12:30 PM at the Second Use SODO store. Please RSVP to as soon as possible to reserve your spot. 

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Mighty House Construction News

Save Money on Heating + Cooling Costs

As summer heat sets in, here are some simple, but effective ways to save money on your cooling costs now and heating costs during the winter: Keep blinds and curtains closed to keep heat from the sun out during the summer Leave the thermostat alone or install a...

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#YesOn1631 for Green Jobs + Clean Energy

Washington State has a chance to put a groundbreaking environmental initiative on the ballot this year! Initiative 1631 will put a price on pollution and invest in clean energy like wind and solar, as well as healthier forests, and clean air and water across the...

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Green Building Tip: Use Infrared Heat

Infrared radiant heat systems provide versatile warmth that is both cozy and efficient. Powered by electricity, radiant heaters directly warm humans and objects without noisy fans, bad smells, or dry air and dust blowing around your house. Imagine the immediate...

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Recycle Latex Paint at Second Use

Our friends over at Second Use Building Materials are now accepting used latex paint for a small fee! After years of hunting, they have finally found a sustainable solution by partnering with Green Sheen's recycling efforts. Learn more about their new policy and how...

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Free Workshop: Power Tools 101

Saturday May 12, 2018  There is nothing better than having the right tool for the right job! Join us at Second Use Building Materials to discover the who-what-where-and-why of power tools with our very own Doug Elfline. This free workshop will teach you how to assess...

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Free Workshop: Doors + Windows 101

Join us for a FREE Workshop on using Salvaged Windows and Doors in your project on April 7th from 11-12:30 at the Second Use SODO store. Our very own, Doug Elfline will guide you in assessing your window and door projects to see if using salvaged materials is an...

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Dark Green Kitchen in Green Lake

Nancy and James originally reached out to Mighty House because they wanted to work with a contractor who had a strong commitment to using salvaged materials. MHC was the only contractor they spoke to who was willing to reuse the existing cabinetry and meet their...

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Free Workshop: Salvaged Cabinets 101

Salvaged cabinets are one of the most popular ways to incorporate reclaimed materials into a remodel. Like most salvaged material, working with salvaged cabinets presents many rewards, as well as a few challenges. Join our very own Doug Elfline on Saturday, March 10,...

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In Support of the Duwamish Tribe

Those of us lucky enough to live and work in the Greater Seattle area have the Duwamish Tribe to thank as the original owners and stewards of this land. The Duwamish were finally granted federal recognition by the Clinton administration only to have it revoked by the...

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