Mighty House offers professional construction consulting to help turn your do-it-yourself jobs into sustainable, cost-effective projects from the ground up. With 20 years of industry experience, Mighty House can effectively translate your creative vision into an eco-friendly reality.

Mighty House provides guidance and expertise to develop timely and cost-effective schedules for a wide range of projects.

We offer assistance in finding and creatively utilizing salvaged and repurposed materials of the highest quality that can uniquely and sustainably complement your design. Our service extends to providing outstanding referrals to a wealth of specialty suppliers.

Mighty House also offers its industry expertise and training to help you select and use the proper tools with precision and efficiency. Our guidance can help you avoid costly mistakes and use the most effective tool for the job.

Creative Solutions
It can be difficult to translate your dream vision into a tangible, realistic project. Our experienced team will use their creative and practical skills to come up with innovative, sustainable solutions to shift how you live, play, and grow in your home.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.