Deep Green Westwood Addition on the NW Green Home Tour

Join us for the 2017 Green Home Tour! This year we will be showcasing multiple sites on both Saturday and Sunday. A Westwood Addition, a Wedgwood Contemporary Kitchen Remodel, and a Modern-Retro Westside Kitchen.

Saturday April 29, 2017 | Westwood Addition at 9323 31st Place SW

Saturday April 29, 2017 | Modern-Retro Westside Kitchen at 3726 SW Austin St

Sunday April 30, 2017 | Contemporary Wedgwood Kitchen at 4008 NE 86th St

11am – 5pm | FREE TICKETS

Westwood Addition BEFORE:


This typical one-story war-box home was completely transformed by adding a second story with a master bedroom and bath, a family sized porch, and a kitchen refresh. The project features DEEP GREEN solutions for healthy indoor air quality and minimal impact on the planet.

The two story addition and new porch were able to complement the existing home with a new modern aesthetic and improved functionality.

Kitchen with teal backsplash

Recycled glass tile, locally produced cabinetry with non-toxic construction, and refinishing the existing floor, gave this kitchen and dining space a completely new look with very few new materials.

The south-facing windows high on the wall of the upper floor allow sunlight to wash over the ceiling and into the space, creating a naturally bright and welcoming master suite. Infrared Radiant Ceiling Panels provide a cozy, efficient heat source without impeding furniture placement or blowing dust and allergens around.

See more photos of this project on Flikr

Free Workshop: Salvaged Cabinets 101

Join us on Saturday March 25 from 11-12:30 PM at Second Use Building Materials in SODO! Cabinets are one of our favorite things to salvage and our very own Doug will be teaching the ins and outs of how to shop for them, prevent common installation mistakes, identify the different types and parts of cabinets, and determine what type are the best fit for your project.

Saturday March 25, 2017
11 AM – 12:30 PM
3223 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134


Tile 101 Workshop: Saturday 2/11

Tile 101

Join us on Saturday, February 11th for a free Tile 101 Workshop from 11:-12:30pm at Second Use in SODO. Our very own Doug Elfline will walk you through the best practices for working with tile, from choosing the best tile for your space, to handling tricky spots. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how to cut, set, grout, and seal tile as well as 10% off their day-of Second Use tile purchase.

This workshop is free and open to the public, but limited to 30 attendees. Please RSVP to at your earliest convenience to reserve your spot.

Remodeled Homes Tour Oct 8-9!


Join us! We will be showcasing our North Beach Artist Lofts on both Saturday and Sunday during the Master Builders Association’s 2016 Remodeled Homes Tour. These homeowners decided they needed an on-site studio after having their first child and wanted to find a sustainable solution that would have minimal impact on the property.

Check out this awesome 360 virtual tour of the space:

View Larger

A few of the most exciting features of this DADU (detached auxiliary dwelling unit):

  • The ability to keep it simple in the original smaller home and have a separate space for artistic pursuits
  • Two stories, meaning that the structure has a small footprint on the property (in terms of building codes) and the planet
  • Taking advantage of reused materials! A salvaged circular staircase, repurposed barn wood siding, and barn door with a custom sliding track
  • A slot in the second story floor gives them the ability to slide large paintings through to the first floor
  • A finished bathroom, without a kitchen, but a fully functional kitchenette would be an easy upgrade

We hope to see you there!

October 8-9, 2016

10 AM – 5 PM

8907 31st Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

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Workshop: Power Tools 101

Doug with power tool
Saturday July 9, 2016
11-12:30 PM
Second Use Building Materials
3223 6th Ave S Seattle, WA 98134


There is nothing better than having the right tool for the right job! Join our very own Doug for a presentation on the four w’s (who, what, where and why) of power tools. Learn how to assess which tool is the right tool, how to plan your tool use, safety considerations, and troubleshooting potential problems. There will be a demonstration of some of the more popular power tools and a conversation on where to find them. See you there!

More info here.


Garage Doors Re-Envisioned

Garage doors aren’t just for your car anymore!

Whether you are planning on converting your garage or looking for a creative addition to an existing room, glass a garage door can let you create a more open space that lets in substantially more natural light as well as blow for a better indoor/outdoor living connection.

As this Houzz article discusses, non-traditional garage doors maximize space by rolling up onto the ceiling and extending the room to the outside. This design choice also offers an exciting opportunity to use salvaged or re-purposed materials. And with the right materials and insulation techniques you can maximize the energy efficiency of this design feature.

Free Windows 101 Workshop

Join us for a FREE workshop at Second Use Building Materials on Saturday June 25 from 11-12:30pm. Mighty House’s co-founder, Doug will be leading the session and going over the basics of using salvaged windows in home remodeling projects.

Saturday, June 25

Second Use Building Materials
3223 6th Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98134
11-12:30 PM


Workshop: Salvage Doors 101

Join us for a FREE Salvaged Doors 101 Workshop @ Second Use on Saturday May 14th. Our very own Doug Elfline will be covering all the basics of salvage door projects. Find out whether salvage is an option for your next project, see a demonstration of how to choose the right door, and learn about proper installation and maintenance techniques.

Saturday, May 14
Second Use Building Materials
3223 6th Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98134
11-12:30 PM


Happy Healthy Salvagey Homes Workshop @ Second Use 3/5

Join us for the Happy Healthy Salvagey Homes Workshop @ Second Use on Saturday, March 5th. Our very own Laura will be teaching this completely free workshop! She will tips on how you can create a more healthy, sustainable home in which to live, play, and grow. From remodeling and maintenance to using salvaged or re-purposed materials, making a few small changes can have a big impact in your home.

Saturday, March 5th

Second Use Building Materials

3223 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134


Learn more here.

Healthy Home Quick Tip: Even Worn out Clothing has a Second Life

Sure, you donate your gently worn clothing for resale….but did you know that stained clothes, worn-out shoes, and frayed linens can be donated too?

Gently used clothing can go to sites such as the Goodwill, who will use their stores as fundraisers and training grounds for their employment education programs.

Clean, worn out linens can be donated to organizations such as the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center or the Seattle Feline Rescue Center.

Don’t feel badly about donating clothing that is too worn out to use. Nearly every large collector of used clothing now sorts into several categories – some for resale and some for recycling into new product, such as industrial wiping cloths, carpet padding and insulation.