Contemporary Wedgwood Kitchen @ NW Green Home Tour

Join us for the 2017 NW Green Home Tour! This year we will be showcasing multiple sites on both Saturday and Sunday. A Westwood Addition, a Wedgwood Contemporary Kitchen Remodel, and a Modern-Retro Westside Kitchen.

Sunday April 30, 2017 | Contemporary Wedgwood Kitchen at 4008 NE 86th St

Saturday April 29, 2017 | Westwood Addition at 9323 31st Place SW

Saturday April 29, 2017 | Modern-Retro Westside Kitchen at 3726 SW Austin St

11am – 5pm | FREE TICKETS

While this kitchen was never the prettiest of kitchens, what really drove these homeowners to Mighty House was how severely it lacked any sort of functionality – from layout and cabinet style to lack of working outlets and poor storage, the homeowners found it nearly impossible to cook solo (never mind as a collaborative effort) in their kitchen! With a substantial shift in layout and only a few inches of change in footprint, their designer provided a concept that has revolutionized how they nourish themselves and socialize in their home.

Updates include: New, locally-produced, sustainably manufactured cabinets, colorful marmoleum flooring, innovative and cost-saving LED lighting solutions, Trea composite paper countertops, two Solatubes for enhanced daylighting, new, more weather-resistant door, no-VOC paints, and re-purposed glass from windows for cabinets doors.

Modern Retro Westside Kitchen on the NW Green Home Tour

Join us for the 2017 NW Green Home Tour! This year we will be showcasing multiple sites on both Saturday and Sunday. A Westwood Addition, a Wedgwood Contemporary Kitchen Remodel, and a Modern-Retro Westside Kitchen.

Saturday April 29, 2017 | Modern-Retro Westside Kitchen at 3726 SW Austin St

Saturday April 29, 2017 | Westwood Addition at 9323 31st Place SW

Sunday April 30, 2017 | Contemporary Wedgwood Kitchen at 4008 NE 86th St

11am – 5pm | FREE TICKETS

Once awkward and dimly-lit, this Modern-Retro Westside Kitchen was creatively altered for improved use, better socializing, a place to sit, and enhanced storage in an inviting and lovely space. This project showcases stunning and colorful sustainable solutions for big functionality in small spaces.

Updates include:

  • Locally produced Canyon Creek cabinets
  • Salvaged Ceaserstone countertops – from Second Use, with zero VOCs
  • Re-used materials that already existed in the home – such as kitchen appliances, butcher block, and tile on the walls in the bathroom
  • Blue Marmoleum flooring, that is non-toxic, anti-microbial, and durable
  • Creative plan to open and lighten up the space
  • Maximized amount of natural day-lighting entering the room
  • All around non-toxic and healthy finishes
  • Rather than a full bathroom remodel, these homeowners chose to make modifications to the existing room, saving money and materials from the landfill

blue stairs

New Year, New [Healthy] Kitchen

You wouldn’t know it just by looks, but this kitchen is about to receive a Mighty House treatment! Beyond better integration of the dining and pantry area… Beyond value-engineering that please the eye and the pocket book… we’ll be using several products that are manufactured healthfully with the intent to do less harm to environment and humans, for the products full life cycle.

One of those such products is a countertop made of compressed paper and resin. Luckily, the top three composite paper counters are locally manufactured with locally-sourced paper. Paper countertops like Trea are super dense and strong, making them as durable and luxurious as stone, but warmer and simpler to manufacture. They simply need wiping and oiling to be maintained and can be evenly sanded to look completely new. They are a beautiful capstone to any kitchen and a multitude of other solutions.

Call us to learn more or stop by one of our supplier partners, Greenhome Solutions, to take a look at all the solutions in one place! Plus, stay tuned for photos of the finished project!

NW Remodeling Expo: Jan 13-15

Join us at the Northwest Remodeling Expo on January 13, 14, and 15th! Mighty House will be hosting a booth (alongside our sister company, Mighty Energy Solutions) at the Washington State Convention Center. This is an incredible opportunity to connect with designers, contractors, and suppliers whether you’ve got a project underway or are just considering future possibilities!

The show will also feature:

  • Home Improvement Seminars There’s a huge range of topics to learn about this year! Some that we’re particularly looking forward to are “Solar Works! The truth about costs and benefits in the Pacific Northwest” and “Emerald in the Rough – Discovering Green Remodel Opportunities.” Check out the full list here.
  • Artisan Showcase A new highlight at the show this year! Local artists will be showing and selling unique items for your home. You can preview some of the artwork here.
  • “Designer Matchmaker” These sessions will allow you to take advantage of FREE consultations with northwest designers. More info here.

We hope to see you there!

Choosing Safe Cleaning Products

You would hope that keeping our homes free of bacteria and dirt would be simple. But it turns out that there can be a surprising number of toxins in the products that we use to keep our homes clean!

The EPA has just made it easier than ever to choose products in the store that are free from harmful chemicals. This rating also takes into account a product’s impact on the environment in terms of packaging waste, water use, and more!

Check out more from Buzzfeed

Time to Replace Your Old Toilet?

toilet full of dollar billsDid you know that older, leaky toilets can use more than five gallons for each flush? That’s a real dent in your water and money-saving efforts! Newer, more efficient models use less than half that amount.


If you are a Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) customer, you are eligible for a $100 rebate toward the cost of a Premium toilet that uses 1.1 gallons per flush or less. See qualifying models and learn more here.


Designer Spotlight: Greenhome Solution’s Design Team

Greenhome Solutions is a local business that supplies eco-friendly and healthy building products. They are passionate about the environment, conservation, design, and sustainable building practices. In addition to having a showroom and online store for their products they also offer design services.

Meet the retail sales team:
Tess Robins: showroom manager and all around designer
Cara Davis: kitchen, bath, and cabinetry designer
Drew Billings: woodworking design specialty
Stephanie Borden: design specialist

All of them plus their wholesale sales team work with homeowners, contractors, and builders in the showroom to help choose materials that not only look good but also perform well and are appropriate for each specific situation.

We appreciate the passion the Greenhome Solution’s staff brings to the work – not only in “selling” but also helping people to choose products that are non-toxic and durable, from local, renewable, reclaimed or recycled resources. They are careful about appropriateness of the materials, how they’re installed, and maintenance.

One of Mighty House Constructions and Greenhome Solutions collaborative projects is being featured on the NW Green Home Tour.

Caesarstone: Green Building Material of the Month

Caeserstone counterops in a recent kitchen remodel


Granite and Corian used to be the go-to’s for durable surfaces and countertops in home and commercial building. All of that changed when Caesarstone came on the market in 1987. Caesarstone is an awesome sustainable material that is nonporous, stain, scratch, and heat, resistant and backed by a residential lifetime warranty. Caesarstone is made from ground quartz aggregates, pigments, and polymers to create a product superior to marble, granite, and other manufactured surfaces. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earths crust and quartz aggregates are often bi-products of frequently mined rocks. This means that Caesarstone is not using large amounts of non-renewable resources like granite in their product. This is an important distinction from granite when we turn our sustainability lens towards resource management. Caesarstone also makes sure to use sustainable practices in production, from recycling 97% of the water used in manufacturing, to collecting dust; using processes throughout production, processing and shipping that seek to protect the health of the planet, workers, and their customers. Let us know if we can help you distinguish between Caesarstone and other solid surface counter tops.

Innovative Heating Solutions Open House!

tropicalYou want the feeling of yummy, tropical heat in your NW home – and we have the solution! Infrared Radiant Ceiling Panels are a streamline, efficient heating option for the whole house or as supplemental heat for an addition or cold spot.
Come to our two-part open house on Wed, Nov. 5 to see this innovative solution in action and learn more about why this technology rocks. RVSP for the morning session (7:30-10:30am) here or afternoon session (3:00-6:00pm) here.

Patrick Beebee, founder of Ducoterra – the premiere line of infrared radiant ceiling panels, will be present as well to answer your manufacturing and super technical questions.

A donation will be made to the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild for each attendee. Refreshments will be served.

Energy Department Funds Research that Could Save You Energy and Money!

With funding from the Energy Department, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is working to develop innovative insulating window film that preserves views while increasing occupants’ comfort and saving energy according to an article on Energy Department’s website.

This research effort creates a millimeter thick insulation film that results in clear insulation with values equivalent to R-20, which is equal to standard wall insulations. The new technology will boost the energy efficiency of current window retrofit technologies by as much as 80 percent  and building and homeowners will not need to replace their windows to take advantage of the technology!

Considering the billions of square feet of installed windows in the U.S., the NREL research provides a ripe opportunity for saving energy, reducing costs and cutting carbon pollution. The result: This window film could reduce building energy use by as much as 33 percent, creating a simple payback for window retrofits of less than one year.

Read More on the Energy Department’s website.

Can’t wait? Read our blog post about windows. If fall window replacement is not on the docket, check out Indow windows for a spectacular, easy-to-install storm window option.