Mighty House + Mighty Energy to host Eco-Hour

Mighty House and our sister company Mighty Energy Solutions are co-hosting Eco-Hour with Second Use Building Materials later this month! Eco-Hour is a networking event, organized by NBIS, which focuses on connecting and promoting northwest leaders working at the intersection of business, innovation, sustainability, and community. This is a great place to build relationships with like-minded peers, share ideas, and learn about the activities NBIS and others are carrying out to promote sustainable and profitable business in the region.

Thursday June 25
Second Use Building Materials
3223 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Drinks and light refreshments will be provided. The cost is free for NBIS members and $15 for non-members. You can RSVP here.

Save the Date: Skagit Power Tours

If you’re interested in getting a behind the scenes look at where your electricity is coming from the Skagit Power Tour is a great opportunity to get inside a powerhouse and see hydropower at work. These tours are lead by park Rangers and naturalist guides from Seattle City Light and the North Cascades Institute. Tour sizes are small and book up quickly so sign up soon if you’re interested! Learn more here.

Cork: Green Building Material of the Month

Cork, commonly known for its use as a wine bottle stopper, is also a fantastic green building material. Cork is made from the outer bark of the cork oak tree which can be found in the Mediterranean region. A typical tree produces several hundred kilograms of cork at each harvesting and will survive for many generations. Cork is harvested on a sustainable basis. Unlike other trees, stripping the cork bark from the tree does not harm the tree, in fact a cork oak tree can be safely harvested 20 times during its life cycle. This rapidly renewable resources makes cork an ideal sustainable building material.

This by-prouct of wine corks is a recycled material that can have many building applications. Cork is naturally fire retardant, impermeable, hypoallergenic and resistant to wear. The value of cork is further enhance by its low conductivity of heat, sound and vibration making great flooring applications for rooms with cold floors or reducing sound transfers on second story additions. In addition to cork flooring there is also cork roofing, exterior walls, interior walls, insulation and ceiling. One of our favorite cork material producers is ThermaCork. Visit their website for more information.

Homestead Community Land Trust

In celebration of each Mighty House anniversary we make a donation to an outstanding non-profit in the area. We like to give back to this community which has given so much to us.  There are so many organizations doing such great work it makes it very difficult to choose. In celebration of our 6th year in business we have chosen to donate to Homestead Community Land Trust.

Homestead’s mission is to empower individuals, stabilize families, and strengthen neighborhoods by creating and preserving affordable home ownership opportunities for low to modest-income homebuyers in the Seattle area. Through this program individuals and families are able to achieve homeownership and stay in their community – ever increasingly areas they may have otherwise been forced to leave due to rent increases. Homeownership helps to increase financial stability for these families because their resources are no longer tied up in commuting, paying high rent, or relocating frequently. And unlike the traditional housing market, homes purchased through Homestead remain affordable for every new buyer even when the previous owner decides to sell. Each dollar spent on a Homestead home is a lifetime investment towards sustainable homeownership and community stability. What is not to love about that! Learn more here.


Power Tools 101 @ Second Use, 6.13.15 | 11-12:30

Join Doug + Laura Elfline on Saturday, June 13 for a free Power Tools Demonstration. If there is a specific tool you have in mind ask Doug ahead of time at info@mightyhouseconstruction so he can try to accommodate your request! Learn about power tool safety and the applications of difference tools to help your become a professional DIY’er! This informal presentation will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get tips for your projects. We hope to see you there!

NW Green Home Tour, April 25-26

Come one come all! Together Mighty House Construction and our sister company, Mighty Energy Solutions, are co-hosting two homes on the 2015 NW Green Home Tour! This year tour sites south, central, and east of downtown locations will be open Saturday with north sites open Sunday.

Westside Remodel and Heat Conversion, April 25. Young Architecture designed a simple and sweet, 2-story, energy efficient addition to give this family a little breathing room. Mighty House was not the general contractor (although did encourage some finish selections) but rather our role was advisory in implementing a hybrid heating system (infrared heat panels coupled with a ductless heat pump). Come experience this cutting edge system. There is much to learn and be inspired by from this home. — Saturday, Apr 25, 11am-5pm, 3443 49th Ave SW, Seattle

Blue Kitchen Ravenna Renovation, April 26. Kitchens are the heartstone of the home. After raising a family in this classic home, the kitchen had reached its limits. In partnership with the homeowner’s vision and Greenhome Solutions design team, MHC carpenters helped the homeowners achieve their goals of an updated kitchen that not only met their dark green renovation goals but also would sustain their needs and give them an enjoyable, beautiful space to sip their morning coffee. —Sunday, Apr 26, 11am-5pm, 5708 26th Ave NE, Seattle

These homes will be open to the public free of charge from 11am-5pm. For more information about these sites and others on the 2015 NW Green Home Tour visit NWGreenHomeTour.org

Designer Spotlight: Greenhome Solution’s Design Team

Greenhome Solutions is a local business that supplies eco-friendly and healthy building products. They are passionate about the environment, conservation, design, and sustainable building practices. In addition to having a showroom and online store for their products they also offer design services.

Meet the retail sales team:
Tess Robins: showroom manager and all around designer
Cara Davis: kitchen, bath, and cabinetry designer
Drew Billings: woodworking design specialty
Stephanie Borden: design specialist

All of them plus their wholesale sales team work with homeowners, contractors, and builders in the showroom to help choose materials that not only look good but also perform well and are appropriate for each specific situation.

We appreciate the passion the Greenhome Solution’s staff brings to the work – not only in “selling” but also helping people to choose products that are non-toxic and durable, from local, renewable, reclaimed or recycled resources. They are careful about appropriateness of the materials, how they’re installed, and maintenance.

One of Mighty House Constructions and Greenhome Solutions collaborative projects is being featured on the NW Green Home Tour.

Worthwhile Events April-May

Neighborhood Farmer’s Markets
April 14
Sustainable StartUp Fair
April 19
Earth Week BBQ + Fun
April 22
Earth Day!
(search the web for fun celebratory events all around our region)
Living Walls- NWEBG
April 24
Ballard Earth Day Party
April 25
Handmade and Homegrown Market
April 25 + 26
NW Green Home Tour
April 28
Free Solar Workshop
April 30
Go Green 2015 Conference
May 1
May Day
May 3
Bicycle Sundays Start


No VOC Paints: Green Building Material of the Month

Many people know that lead paint is dangerous to our health but fewer understand the dangers that still exist in paints on the market today. Currently, the majority of household paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOC).

VOC’s are a large group of carbon based chemicals that easily evaporate at room temperature. Federal and state governments have put a limit to the amount of allowable VOC’s in paint but any level of VOC’s can be dangerous to your health and the environment. Currently these regulations only cover the base paint so if you are to add color to your paint it can contain even higher levels of VOC’s than legal. Studies have shown that VOC levels are generally 2-5 times higher indoors than outside. This is because paint, and varnish, (and several other products such as carpet, vinyl shower curtains and cleaning products) can off-gas VOC’s into your home. Health symptoms from VOC exposure can range from ear nose and throat irritation from short term exposure to cancer and liver damage from long term exposure. Two of our favorite low/no VOC paints are Bejamin Moore Natura Line and YOLO Colorhouse paints because of the ease of application. Whether on a budget or DIYing your painting, ease matters! Colorhouse goes one step further by incorporating sustainable practices in everything from the materials they use to their LEED manufacturing facility. More information about Colorhouse paints here.