Clean Energy Initiative

This year we have the opportunity to pass an initiative that will fight climate change, promote clean energy, and lessen the tax burden on working families. Here’s what I-732 will do:

  • Charge polluters a tax on carbon emissions from fossil fuels
  • Reduce the state sales tax by one percent
  • Provide tax rebates for low-income families
  • Eliminates B&O tax on manufacturing – keeping jobs in WA
You can find out more by visiting the campaign website and don’t forget to VOTE in the November election!


Workshop: Power Tools 101

Doug with power tool
Saturday July 9, 2016
11-12:30 PM
Second Use Building Materials
3223 6th Ave S Seattle, WA 98134


There is nothing better than having the right tool for the right job! Join our very own Doug for a presentation on the four w’s (who, what, where and why) of power tools. Learn how to assess which tool is the right tool, how to plan your tool use, safety considerations, and troubleshooting potential problems. There will be a demonstration of some of the more popular power tools and a conversation on where to find them. See you there!

More info here.


Garage Doors Re-Envisioned

Garage doors aren’t just for your car anymore!

Whether you are planning on converting your garage or looking for a creative addition to an existing room, glass a garage door can let you create a more open space that lets in substantially more natural light as well as blow for a better indoor/outdoor living connection.

As this Houzz article discusses, non-traditional garage doors maximize space by rolling up onto the ceiling and extending the room to the outside. This design choice also offers an exciting opportunity to use salvaged or re-purposed materials. And with the right materials and insulation techniques you can maximize the energy efficiency of this design feature.

Planning Your Tiny House

Our very own Laura Elfline has a published article in Natural Awakenings!

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.43.30 PM

“With awareness and advance planning, building your tiny home can be a great experience and can result in enjoyment of your home for years to come.”

Tiny homes have never been more popular. Whether they are built to be mobile or as permanent accessory dwelling units, individuals are increasingly interested in building their own small structures as a way to provide affordable housing, guest quarters, rental income, or simply a lifestyle unencumbered by the caretaking required by a larger home and the objects that fill it. Considering a few key issues before setting out to build a tiny house can help support a successful outcome and increase satisfaction with the finished dwelling. Check out the full article: Planning Your Tiny House pdf

Free Windows 101 Workshop

Join us for a FREE workshop at Second Use Building Materials on Saturday June 25 from 11-12:30pm. Mighty House’s co-founder, Doug will be leading the session and going over the basics of using salvaged windows in home remodeling projects.

Saturday, June 25

Second Use Building Materials
3223 6th Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98134
11-12:30 PM


Nonprofit Spotlight: Bike Works

This month we’re highlighting Bike Works! Last year, this fantastic nonprofit celebrated 20 years of their work to create more sustainable communities through youth education and promoting bicycling. The shop and warehouse reuse and recycle bikes and parts that would otherwise be unused or sent to a landfill. They also offer a variety of youth education programs and even provide free bicycles to those who otherwise can’t afford them.

See how you can get involved and stop by next time you’re in Columbia City!

Reduce Water Pollution with a Permeable Driveway

When designing her new garage with LD Arch Design, our client Katherine made a simple decision to make her home greener: using a permeable material for her driveway. While standard concrete pavement is expensive and contributes to issues with runoff and water pollution, installing a permeable surface allows water to be filtered as it seeps back into the ground.

2015-03-13 16.28.39 copy smaller
Katherine chose to “pave” her driveway with open cell concrete blocks. These blocks are designed to support a car while also allowing grass to grow. Water hitting the surface now becomes groundwater instead of contributing to erosion and adding harmful chemicals to our streams. This project also featured a green roof garden on the upper story overhang accessible through the window and creative solutions for storage!

Read more from The Seattle Times.

New in Recycling

 The list of items welcome in your recycling bin just got longer! Here are a few of the biggest changes:

  • Large plastic items – laundry baskets, lawn chairs, buckets and storage containers can now be put directly in your recycling bin.
  • Plastic caps on empty bottlesif they are attached to the empty bottle, caps can go into the recycling, but if they’re loose they go in the garbage.
  • Cooking Oil – Pour cooled used oil into a plastic jug with a tight fitting, screw-on lid. Then label it with your name and address (so the City can track the 2 gallon per household limit) and set it next to your bin.

Investing in Alternative Energy

Investing in renewable energy directly benefits you and all of us! Check out these opportunities to start making a change:

Seattle City Light Logo
Join City Light’s Green Up! Program
City Light customers can support renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest from geothermal, dairy biogas and wind by adding $3, $6, or $12 to their bill each month. Call (206) 684-3800 or visit 

Northwest eco building guild logoEducation Session: Solar Energy for Those without Solar Access  Join the NW EcoBuilding Guild at the Phinney Neighborhood Center on Wednesday May 25 from 7-9pm for a discussion of solar energy and how we can make it accessible for renters. More info.