In Support of the Greenwood Community After the Explosion


Greenwood Elementary students form a heart on the playground the morning after the explosion. Photo by KOMO News

After the gas leak and explosion on March 9th, the Greenwood community came together to support residents, businesses owners, and employees who were affected by the blast.  Volunteers helped businesses to replace shattered windows and doors with plywood. Then they returned to add cheer to the scene of the explosion by painting and planting flowers.  As of April 1st, close to $244,000 has been raised for the relief fund and more than 40 businesses and community groups have held benefit events. So far $105,000 has been disbursed and the remaining money will continue to support the immediate needs of those who were impacted or displaced.

You can help by donating to the PNA’s Greenwood Explosion Relief Fund. You can also sign up as a volunteer to help out with future needs.

Create an Emergency Food Kit

Preparing your family for an emergency is a vital part of living in a happy and worry-free home. Many of us know that keeping clean water and food on hand is important, but what kind of food and for how many days? PCC’s April edition of Sound Consumer recommended storing enough food to last your family three days in case of emergency. PCC suggested:
  • Look for protein-rich foods that have a long shelf life like tuna, peanut butter, or protein bars
  • Canned beans and soup can be eaten without heating
  • Avoid salty food that will make you thirsty
  • Canned fruits provide calories and hydration
  • A propane camping stove will give you the option of boiling water and heating food
  • Store food in a cool, dark place and asses your kit for expiration every six months
Learn more and see a sample food kit by reading the full article.

The Future of Green Building

Dunn Lumber asked Mark LaLiberte, a trainer and consultant working to educate the homebuilding industry about sustainability and increased energy efficiency, about future trends and how we can reach a goal of building ‘zero-energy’ houses by the year 2030. In this video, Mark discusses components that will help builders reach this goal such as the ‘perfect wall’ and Passive House certification. See the full video here.

NW Green Home Tour: April 30th

Mighty House + Mighty Energy will be hosting sites on the
NW Eco Building Guild’s Green Home Tour. And it’s right around the corner!


Our clients were living in a very small home and decided to convert their existing garage into a detached auxiliary dwelling unit (DADU) to be able to house guests,
also to simply Get. More. Space. 

2015-12-18 14.03.20 2015-10-28 15.39.43 2015-10-01 16.31.34

Each aspect of this project was carefully considered to optimize use of the space and sustainability.  Join us on Saturday April 30th to check out some of these special features:

  • Multi-use Space – the DADU can be used for anything from an art studio or expandable party space, to guest quarters or a quiet place to escape to for cat naps. Every design choice was made with an uber flexible space in mind.
  • Energy efficiency – this project is fully powered by electricity and thus can tread more lightly on the planet than homes that use gas or oil. Installing dimmers for 95% of the house and using low-energy CFL and LED lighting makes the DADU even more efficient.
  • Can you say salvagey? Windows, light fixtures, and the heater were all salvaged or reused from other projects. This was a great way to minimize resource consumption and breathe new life into old materials.
  • Daylight Creativity – by including skylights, Solatubes, and a huge entry door, we were able to maximize the natural light entering an otherwise dimly lit room. Taking advantage of daylight also reduced the amount of mechanical illumination needed for the space.

Are you thinking about a backyard cottage or guest house?
Come see this amazing DADU in Columbia City! Located at 4454 South Brandon Street, Seattle, WA 98118

Our site (and other S/SW sites): April 30, 11-5pm

North-end sites: May 1, 11-5pm

Find out more here.



Safely Disposing of Medicine

Did you know that medicines in the home are a leading cause of accidental poisoning? When thrown in the trash or flushed down the drain, they pollute city water. You can protect your kids, families, community and environment by safely disposing of expired and unwanted medicines for free at a medicine drop-off location shown here.

Radiant Heat Panel Open House – Wednesday 3/23

WindowsMighty Energy Solutions will be opening our home showroom to the public on Wednesday, March 23. This is an opportunity to see our Ducoterra SolaRay Radiant Ceiling Panels in action. The new year is a great time to start thinking about how to efficiently heat your home. Pacific Northwest winters can be tough, but not with SolaRay Radiant Heat Panels! These panels provide us with warm, cozy, and healthy heat all year long. Come experience this comforting heat yourself at our open house.

3108 SW Webster St, Seattle, WA 98126

Morning Session 7:30-10:30 AM
Afternoon Session 3:00-6:00PM

RSVP’s are welcomed, but not required.

Mighty House Celebrating Seven!

Doug and Laura turned the key to start Mighty House Construction seven years ago. Like most seven-year-olds, we’ve totally hit our stride, while still being versatile enough to challenge the establishment ways of thinking. Each anniversary we donate to a nonprofit that is driving effective programs in sustainability or building. This year it’s a non-profit doing both!


Sawhorse Revolution helps high school students build confidence and character, while also providing them with hands on carpentry training. Professional builders and architects lead the students in projects that allow them to engage and improve their communities. Laura came across Sawhorse Revolution, while participating in a panel with the Low Income Housing Institute discussing improvements on heating and ventilation for LIHI’s housing for homeless. The intensity of Sawhorse Revolution’s programs, and outcomes – social, environmental, and community – are impressive


Read about Sawhorse Revolution’s work building tiny houses to end homelessness.

Happy Healthy Salvagey Homes Workshop @ Second Use 3/5

Join us for the Happy Healthy Salvagey Homes Workshop @ Second Use on Saturday, March 5th. Our very own Laura will be teaching this completely free workshop! She will tips on how you can create a more healthy, sustainable home in which to live, play, and grow. From remodeling and maintenance to using salvaged or re-purposed materials, making a few small changes can have a big impact in your home.

Saturday, March 5th

Second Use Building Materials

3223 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134


Learn more here.

Worthwhile Events March + April

Save the date for these upcoming workshops, tours, conferences and more!

Weekly: Neighborhood Farmers Markets

March 4: Sustainability Leadership Awards

March 5: Happy Healthy Homes Workshop + Tiny House Village Work Party

March 20: Bikecitement

March 23: Radiant Ceiling Heat Panel Open House

March 29: NBIS Eco-Hour and Tour

March 30: GoGreen Conference

April 30: NWEBG Green Homes Tour